Community Stories

75th Anniversary Community Stories

District Attorney General Charme Allen

Check out District Attorney Charme Allen’s video.

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UT Medical Center

Check out UT Medical Center’s Video:  

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East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Check out East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s Video:  

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Knoxville Police Department

Check out Knoxville Police Department’s Video:

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Knoxville Family Justice Center

Check out the Knoxville Family Justice Center’s Video:

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Sam McCloud

I started volunteering for the Regional Intervention Program (RIP) at the McNabb Center in May of 2021, and since then I’ve met some of the most amazing people and gained the satisfaction of truly helping...

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Representative Tim Burchett

Check out Representative Tim Burchett’s Video:

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Mayor Glenn Jacobs

Check out Mayor Glenn Jacob’s Video:  

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Mayor Indya Kincannon

Check out Mayor Indya Kincannon’s Video:

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Joanna Volpe

Joanna Volpe, a longtime event volunteer shares three of her favorite experiences: I am part of the “2019 East Tennessee Volunteer of the Year” group. I was nominated by a friend and then got to...

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Russell Biven

Russell has dedicated countless hours to numerous area non-profit organizations. The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation has been fortunate to have Russell as the face of the Russell Biven Clayfest for more than 15 years. Under his leadership,...

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Pat Summitt

Excerpt from Knox News Country music star Con Hunley was singing the praise Monday for the Helen Ross McNabb Center and Pat Summitt. So were a lot of other people participating in the Pat Summitt...

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Joanie Scheuer

I learned about the McNabb Center’s Therapeutic Preschool in 2003 and knew that this was a program my heart longed to help with! At that time it was called the Therapeutic Nursery, but its name...

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First Utility District

The McNabb Center is grateful to our partners at First Utility District of Knox County! Not only do their employees sponsor over 100 kids each year for Dear Santa, they are always willing to come...

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Susan Conway

One of my favorite experiences was the year we did the Sunrise breakfasts in all the counties we served. I was board chair, and my job was to tell the story of Helen Ross McNabb...

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