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The McNabb Center is the region’s leading nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, social and victim services. By focusing on an individual’s “Well Mind, Well Being,” we provide a quality and compassionate approach to care from infancy through adulthood. Since 1948, the Center has proudly served individuals with the most needs and fewest resources. Today, the McNabb Center delivers support to more than 45,000 people throughout East Tennessee each year. For more information, visit www.mcnabbcenter.org or call 1-800-255-9711.

Contact Information

McNabb Center
200 Tech Center Drive
Knoxville, TN 37912

Office: 800.255.9711


Helen Ross McNabb

Seventy years ago, a determined Helen Ross McNabb made an appeal to the Knoxville City Council for funds to help open a mental health agency for children. At this time, there was a great need, but little attention given to those suffering with mental illnesses. Due to her persuasive efforts, one of the first community mental health clinics was established in the state of Tennessee. The agency was first created for children but quickly grew to also serve adults in 1955. The clinic opened in a house near the University of Tennessee campus in 1948.

The Center's Growth

In 1953 the small center took the opportunity to become independent of the City Health Department and became a non-profit corporation under its own board of directors. Adult services were officially added in 1955. Throughout the following decades, the Center provided comprehensive community mental health services. When necessary, the Center would operate neighborhood satellite clinics to provide onsite services to outlying areas. It has always been the history of the Center to find ways to serve those in the community who have no advocates and no means to serve themselves.

Board Of Directors

Mr. Whit Addicks; Mr. Robbie Arrington; Dr. Rebecca Ashford; Mrs. Eden McNabb Bishop; Mr. Wade Davies; Mrs. Missy Drinnon; Dr. Jerry Epps; Mr. David Hall; Mr. George Kershaw; Mr. Brian Rauch; Mrs. Cheryl Rice; Mr. David Roddy; Mrs. Cindy Sexton; Mrs. Laura Shamiyeh; Mr. Mitch Steenrod; Mrs. Traci Topham; Mr. Carl Van Hoozier; Mr. Clarence Vaughn; Mr. Mickey Wade; Mr. David Wedekind; Ms. Andrea White

McNabb Center

Executive Staff

Candace Allen

Clinical Vice President

Jill Barnes

Vice President of Human Resources

Mona Blanton-Kitts

President & CEO

Stephanie Carter

Senior Vice President of Operations

Paula Hudson

Vice President of Organizational Excellence

Leann Human-Hilliard

Executive Vice President

Janet Jenkins

Vice President of Organizational Culture and Advancement

Mary Katsikas

Executive Vice President

Jason Lay

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President

Gayle Lodato

Vice President

Dr. Dovile Paulauskas

Chief Medical Officer

Houston Smelcer

Senior Vice President of Development & Government Relations

Michael Waltke

Vice President of Organizational Excellence and Strategic Initiatives

Accrediting Body


Key Funding Partners

The McNabb Center receives funding through the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the State of Tennessee Department of Children Services.

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