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Social Services

The McNabb Center offers a continuum of social services for families in need. The Center provides supervised visitation and behavior modification as well as a Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption program.

Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption

The McNabb Center’s Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption program serves children and teens who are in state’s custody due to abuse or neglect and who have behavioral or emotional problems. These children need a more specialized type of care than what they can find in standard foster homes. The purpose of therapeutic foster care is to help each child so that he or she may go on to live successfully within the community.

Become a foster parent! Help a child live the life they were meant to live. Provide the support and stability a child needs at the most critical time of their lives.

To learn more about the McNabb Center’s Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption program, call (865) 544-5000 or follow it on Facebook.

Supervised Visitation

The McNabb Center’s Parent Place program provides supervised visitation for children and their non-custodial parents, grandparents or other relatives. If you are experiencing a difficult divorce, or other custodial issue, the McNabb Center can provide a professional to observe visits in a safe and discreet location.

To find out if your family is eligible for this service, or to learn about other family programs, call us at 1-800-255-9711.

Behavioral Modification

The McNabb Center is here to help parents or caregivers struggling with a young child’s behavior. The Regional Intervention Program (RIP), a nationally-recognized model, is designed to help children ages 2-5 decrease unwanted behaviors while strengthening social skills and empowering parents to set appropriate limits and consequences.

To learn about this and other early childhood programs offered by the Center, call us at 1-800-255-9711

Home Visitation

The McNabb Center’s home visitation program, Healthy Families, is a free and voluntary program that offers support services to new or expecting families. The program’s approach is relationship-based, culturally respectful, family-centered and strengths-based. Healthy Families offers education, support and resource services to help strengthen families. This program is rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for lifelong healthy development. To learn more about the Healthy Families home visitation program, call us at 1-800-255-9711.

Other Social Services

The McNabb Center serves as a safety net to the community’s most vulnerable individuals. We offer numerous social services, including:

Parenting classes
Transitional living for youth
Safe Place
Juvenile justice services
Criminal justice services
Project NOW

To learn more about the full range of services offered, call us at 1-800-255-9711.

Social Services

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