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A group of more than twenty five law enforcement officers, first responders and Knox County School staff graduated from Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training on Friday, February 25, 2022.

This graduating class included staff from American Medical Response (AMR), the University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, University of Tennessee Police Department, Knox County Schools, Knoxville Fire Department and the Knoxville Police Department.

McNabb Center

CIT trained officers undergo 40 hours of intensive training, which helps them identify mental health resources to assist people in crisis. The training connects officers with mental health professionals and other community agencies to create a team that can provide support when a challenging situation occurs. In addition, officers learn verbal de-escalation skills and experience scenario-based training on responding to crises.

“We are proud of the officers and those from other community agencies who have completed this training,” said Candace Allen, CIT coordinator and senior director of adult intensive mental health services at the McNabb Center. “CIT training not only benefits the trained officials, but the community at large. By using their increased knowledge of behavioral health and skills, such as de-escalation techniques, the participants can better assist when they encounter an individual in psychiatric crisis.”

McNabb Center

The McNabb Center is the region’s leading nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, social and victim services. By focusing on an individual’s “Well Mind, Well Being,” we provide a quality and compassionate approach to care from infancy through adulthood. Since 1948, the Center has proudly served individuals with the most needs and fewest resources. Today, the McNabb Center delivers support to more than 36,750 people throughout East Tennessee each year. For more information, visit www.mcnabbcenter.org or call 1-800-255-9711.

McNabb Center 75 Year Anniversary