Fiscal year 2020 was unlike anything the Center has experienced before. The year began with incredible optimism and new business growth. Opportunities to address several issues affecting our community and the people we serve seemed to abound. We were crafting long range plans with local officials to make a lasting impact. Additionally, state revenues were at an all-time high and our Governor and legislature were poised to enhance mental health and addiction funding to address both the opioid crisis that still plagues East Tennessee and bolster a number of exciting initiatives in the mental health arena … then the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. It affected everyone and the McNabb Center was no exception.

While the pandemic marks history, it revealed so much about the Center, our professional workforce, our partners, our clients and our supporters. I could not have been more proud of the creativity, resiliency and unified response our staff displayed. Difficult decisions were made, procedures were developed, and client and staff safety was at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The driving force was always: “How do we help our clients; how do we continue to improve the lives of the people we serve?”

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