While it is important to recognize the need for mental health care throughout the year, as Mental Health Awareness Month, May is a time to intentionally convey the importance of addressing mental health concerns. 

“The past year has greatly impacted mental health within our communities,” said Jerry Vagnier, McNabb Center CEO. “We need to continue working to reduce stigma associated with mental illness.”

Know that you are not alone:

Approximately 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health issue. Over the past year, the McNabb Center has seen an increase in the number of individuals seeking services for concerns such as anxiety and depression. By talking openly about mental health and knowing that millions of Americans have faced a mental health diagnosis, we can work together to overcome the stigma associated with mental illness.

Take time for self-care:

If you are seeking to improve your own mental health, or support a loved one who is struggling with a mental illness, self-care is essential. By focusing on mindfulness or meditation exercises, writing in a journal, engaging in physical activity or just taking time for yourself each day, you can promote your own mental wellness.

We are here to help:

Remember that community mental health centers are here when you need professional help addressing your mental health concerns. The McNabb Center provides a full range of mental health care services for individuals of all ages. If you, or a loved one, needs help connecting with the right treatment option, call us at 1-800-255-9711.

The McNabb Center is the region’s leading nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, social and victim services. By focusing on an individual’s “Well Mind, Well Being,” we provide a quality and compassionate approach to care from infancy through adulthood. Since 1948, the Center has proudly served individuals with the most needs and fewest resources. Today, the McNabb Center delivers support to more than 30,000 people throughout East Tennessee each year. For more information, visit www.mcnabbcenter.org or call 1-800-255-9711.