The McNabb Center is proud to announce the groundbreaking of its new Knox Women’s Campus, a significant addition to the community designed to provide transitional and recovery housing units, group spaces, office space and a playground. This new residential complex aims to create a safe and healthy environment for healing and recovery, helping women develop the skills necessary for safety and independence.

McNabb Center

The Knox County community currently faces a significant challenge in providing safe and affordable housing. The Knox Women’s Recovery Campus, like all McNabb Center locations, is designed to promote healing and offer the support and care women need as they transition back into everyday activities such as school, work and parenting. The inclusion of a playground is a thoughtful addition, recognizing the importance of play areas in promoting bonding between mothers and their children.

McNabb Center McNabb Center

The successful realization of this project is attributed to the collaboration and dedication of numerous individuals and organizations. We would like to recognize and thank the following:

  • Architects: Mark Allen
  • Contractor: Monolith Construction, Jake Pinkston
  • Ben Mullins
  • Jenny Holden – Knox County, Grants & Development
  • Land Donated by: Phil Lawson, Christy Lockwood and Carrie Parker
  • Thank you to: David Arning of the Lawson Family Foundation
  • Center board members
  • Foundation board members

Additionally, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Stowers and the Brock families for their generous contributions to the Knox Women’s Recovery Campus. This campus will be dedicated in memory of Sarah Stowers, with a special dedication planned for the ribbon-cutting ceremony next year.

The McNabb Center looks forward to the positive impact the Knox Women’s Campus will have on our community and the lives of the women it will serve.