Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Services

MOMS equips mothers with the tools to thrive. The program goal is to increase the availability of residential services for pregnant and postpartum populations who are currently facing drug and/or alcohol addiction. The program is specifically tailored to each mother. MOMS creates a safe and welcoming space where each mom can be open and honest regarding current challenges, enabling staff to provide the most appropriate level of care.

• Wraparound case management services
• Counseling services
• Alcohol and drug assessments
• Link to appropriate level of care (within or outside of our
organization, dependent on each woman’s needs)
• Facilitation of entry into Medically Monitored Detox and/or
Residential Rehabilitation
• Parenting classes
• Substance use education
• Relapse prevention and recovery skills building
• Anger management
• SAFE healthy coping skills

Focus Areas:
• Outpatient services while waiting to enroll in higher levels of care
• Co-occurring substance use and mental health concerns
• Parenting skills
• Strengthening family & relationship support
• Relapse prevention
• Recovery skills
• Trauma-informed care

Women Who:
• Are Pregnant or up to 1 year postpartum
• Qualify for Substance Use Disorder
• 18 years or older

Women referred to the MOMS Program must be at least 18 years old, have an issue with drugs or alcohol, and are either currently pregnant or have given birth within the last 12 months.

Contact Information

(865) 329-9105

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