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Homeless Services and Outreach

The Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) provides services to homeless individuals who have severe and persistent mental illnesses. To qualify for the program, an individual must have a history of mental illness, be homeless or at risk for homelessness, and must reside within Knox County limits. Outreach workers help these individuals achieve stable lives by engaging them in mental health treatment and assisting them in securing affordable housing, supportive income, and other basic necessities. By providing access to community services and ensuring continuity of care, the program empowers clients experiencing mental illness to break the cycle of homelessness.

SOAR is a program designed to aid homeless clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses with applying for and receiving SSI/SSDI utilizing the SOAR process. The SOAR process is a new process of applying for disability that is designed to target the specific needs of mentally ill population with which we work. 

Homeless Family Services provides case management to homeless families with family members experiencing mental health, substance abuse or co-occurring issues by providing linkage to behavioral health and other recovery-oriented services. In addition, case managers assist with navigating, securing and maintaining permanent housing. Case managers can also connect families to enrollment resources for health insurance, Medicaid and other benefit programs.

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Team Leader
(865) 637-9711, ext. 3087

Regional Coordinator
(865) 637-9711, ext. 3204

Homeless Family Services
Master Level Clinician
(865) 444-2333, ext. 2635

County Served
Knox County

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