Criminal Justice Services
Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison

The Criminal Justice/Mental Health Liaison is a statewide community-level project that focuses on issues affecting adults who have serious mental illness and are involved in the criminal justice system. The goals of the project are to reduce the number of adults with mental illness in the jails and to facilitate communication and the coordination of activities between the community, the criminal justice and mental health systems. Services are provided at all levels of the criminal justice process. These include early identification of persons with mental illness, diversion, continuity of care while incarcerated, and consultation with the court regarding course of action. We also help plan for release through outcome monitoring, training and education.

Contact Information

Services Coordinator
(865) 444-2333, ext. 1522

County Served
Knox County
Blount County
Cocke County
Grainger County
Jefferson County
Loudon County
Sevier County

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