Sevier County Addiction Treatment Facility Campaign

The Helen Ross McNabb Center first opened its doors to a stand-alone facility in Sevier County in 2010. Due to the immense response from those in the community seeking services, the facility quickly became unable to accommodate the needs of the population. In 2013, the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation launched a capital campaign to acquire land and build a new clinic that was capable of accommodating the Center’s Sevier County operations. The new Center, located at 647 Wall Street, opened its doors in early 2014 and has since been providing quality and compassionate services to those with the fewest resources ever since.

The Center's intention for the current facility has always included an expansion plan to provide outpatient alcohol and drug treatment. As our state continues to see a rise in substance abuse, now more than ever, it is imperative that treatment services are readily available to those seeking help. Currently, residents of Sevier County must travel outside of county lines to receive treatment for substance abuse, and even then, there is a high probability that they will be placed on a waitlist for the services.

In response, the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation is raising funds to construct the second and final phase of the Helen Ross McNabb Center’s Sevier County Treatment Facility. It will allow more adolescents and adults to receive substance abuse services. In addition to the new addiction treatment services that are not currently offered in Sevier County, the building will continue to house outpatient mental health services.

The goal of this campaign is to secure $1.2 million to acquire the additional site that is adjacent to the current facility and fully fund the construction cost. By making a gift, you can make a difference in the lives of individuals who are experiencing addiction. Your support helps expand current services by increasing capacity through an additional facility and staff members. You can help improve more lives in East Tennessee.

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