Hamblen County Recovery Housing Campaign

The Helen Ross McNabb Center merged with New Hope Recovery Center in 2008. This partnership provided clients with much needed mental health services in addition to alcohol and drug treatment services. Due to the immense need for services, the facility quickly became unable to accommodate the population. In 2013, with the help of the City of Morristown, the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation launched a capital campaign to build a new clinic capable of accommodating the Center’s Hamblen County operations. Since that time, the Helen Ross McNabb Center has further expanded its services, including a new Jail to Work initiative that launched in November 2017.

Through a partnership with the Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department, the Center is able to rehabilitate incarcerated women by housing them on the Hamblen County Center campus and providing therapy, substance abuse treatment and life skills. After eight to twelve weeks, the women in this program graduate and move back into the community. The success of this program has been unprecedented; however, the Center recognizes that not all women are ready to move back into the community after this period of time.

The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation launched a campaign to raise funds to purchase transitional, supportive housing for women who are participating in the Center’s Jail to Work program. The goal of this campaign is to secure $750,000 to implement Recovery Housing, which will house up to 20 women at a time, for a period of six to nine months. This will provide them with the extended care they need to successfully transition back into their community. The extension of the continuum of care is a necessity for the long-term success of these women. The funds from this campaign will also allow the Foundation to subsidize the program for its first three years.

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