Hamblen County Jail to Work

Helen Ross McNabb Center began operating the Jail to Work program in 2017.  The Center was awarded funding by the State of Tennessee (one of four entities in the state) and local County government for its implementation.  The program promotes the recovery of women who have a substance use disorder and are involved in the criminal justice system. This innovative program is helping reduce recidivism and increase community tenure through workforce training, supportive housing, and recovery services.  Skills and support are essential to the rehabilitation of the women re-entering their community upon release from jail.  Without this support, women are at risk of returning to the same lifestyles, unhealthy groups, and behaviors that led to their incarceration.  Lack of job training, life skills and rehabilitation support put women in our community in jeopardy. 

Because of this this initiative’s unprecedented 86% success rate, the Helen Ross McNabb Center is committed to sustaining this program and has launched a capital campaign in support of the Center’s Jail to Work services.  The goal of this campaign is to secure $400,000 to supplement and support Jail to Work, which will allow the Center to continue this program for a minimum of three years.

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