Helen Ross McNabb Center selected for federal Supported Employment Demonstration

The Helen Ross McNabb Center is among 30 agencies across the country selected to be a part of the federal Supported Employment Demonstration. The Supported Employment Demonstration is a 6-year study funded by the U.S. Social Security Administration. This study, conducted by Westat, looks at how employment services, provided along with integrated behavioral health and social services, can help people experiencing mental illness get a good job.

The study will include more than 3,000 individuals from across the country. The study assigns individuals to one of three study conditions. They will receive various levels of supported employment services and behavioral health support. Individuals in the study will participate for up to 36 months, beginning September 2017.

The Supported Employment Demonstration will test whether offering an evidence-based package of integrated employment and mental health services to individuals experiencing disability earlier in the illness process will lead to employment, improved mental health and quality of life, and less need for disability benefits. The results will provide policymakers with an evidentiary base from which to consider potential program improvements and innovations that can strengthen the ability of individuals with disabilities to work.

“Participating in this study is an honor for the Helen Ross McNabb Center,” said Michael Waltke, senior director of adult outpatient mental health and recovery services. “Helping people struggling with mental illness find productive employment truly meets our mission of improving the lives of the people we serve.”